Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vampire and things that go bump in the night!

The recent craze with vampire and Young Adult lit has gotten me thinking.  What would Bram Stoker be thinking right now?  Perhaps, he would be puzzled at how the rap of the vampire aka Dracula has changed.   Seriously,  we are now to believe that Vampires are not bad.  They are actually misunderstood creatures who really don't want to go after people's blood, have a political system all their own and they are really, really drop dead gorgeous.   Pardon the pun.   What ever happened to the scary monsters?  What ever happened to the creepy mad scientists?  The good old days are gone! 
I read the Twilight series and thought yuck. I know that Stephenie Meyer is writing another book from Edward's  point of view.  Trust me --- I really don't care to know.  Bella is whining.  Jake is a dude with serious love issues, and Edward is a wimpy vampire.  Don't need to know much more.  It seems to me that I did not want to read another stupid vampire book again.  I decided to pick up "Sucks to be me" by Kimberly Pauley.  ALA was promoting it so I thought, I'd give it a shot.  It was pretty good.  It kind of made me think that if Meyer and Meg Cabot ever got together to do a book -- this book would be it.  Well, it must be the season but here I am picking up another series and I have to admit --- I LOVE IT.   The series is called Vampirates by Justin Somper.  It has everything  Action, adventure and a little bit of romance all mixed in.  I mean come on,  how can you not like a book that has vampires and pirates mixed together.  It is fun, and it really takes you away on a journey that is fun. 
I am about to read the second book of he series, so I will keep you posted as to what happens and if this series holds true to the first book.  While I am on the topic --- what is your favorite vampire book?