Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Christmas Wish List for Book Lovers!

There are many lists that are made in life.  Grocery lists.  Gift lists.  To do lists.  Wish lists.   For every book lover there is a to read list.  To be quite honest, for serious readers the list is never ending and there is always the need to keep adding more titles.  There is rarely a moment when a title is taken off because eventually there will be time to read each and every title.   This is precisely why every librarian understands the Christmas wish of book lovers.

Christmas wish number one:  More hours in the day to read.  If only for one day, perhaps Santa could magically make the day longer.   More daylight to finish a book and then begin another.  Where the stories flow and the pages turn.

Christmas wish number two: Every Christmas Present is a Book.  Who wouldn't want to open twenty presents each one with a book.  It doesn't matter if it's a classic or a new mystery novel.  They will all be wonderful in their own way.  Of course,  gift cards to book stores are just as nice.

Christmas wish number three:  Endless Cups of Coffee/Tea.  Does a book lover really want to get up to fix another cup of coffee or tea.  No!  It would be magically wonderful if the cup just kept refilling as the pages keep turning.

Christmas wish number four :   Book Tote Bags That Are Built Like Tardis.  Place as many books as you like in this tote bag because you can never be too prepared for how many books you may want to bring home from the library.  Of course, the bag would never be heavy and easy to carry.   What is a Tardis?   Find a Dr.Who book and find out.  Here's a hint:  It's bigger on the inside than on the outside.

Last but not least Christmas Wish Number five: Never Ever Read An Awful Book.    There are so many wonderful writers but unfortunately there are a few stinkers out there.  In the perfect book lover's world there are no awful books.  Every book is perfect. Not only that every story begins and ends pertly.  That is a wonderful dream to behold.

Christmas Wishes are meant to be fulfilled, if not this year perhaps for the years to come.   Book lover's everywhere dare to make your Christmas wishes and dare to believe they will come true someday.   Lastly, never ever give up your love of reading!