Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Be A Children's Librarian

Every once in a while, there is a need to update a top ten list. While attending Wayne State University, it was never my intention to become a children's librarian or a school librarian for that matter. What happened? Fate has a funny way of placing you where you never thought you would dream of going. I have worked in both libraries and found that it has it's unique rewards that can not be found anywhere else in the library world. Going through old notebooks earlier this week, I found a list containing why I wanted to be a librarian. It was a nice stroll down memory lane but seriously, the list is so outdated and no longer useful. At least not for me. So here is my new top ten list for choosing to be a Children Librarian.

10. Where else can you color, glue, cut out shapes and get paid to do so.

9. Reading children's literature for work but that is just a "cover" because these books are on the "wish"list of books to read before you die.

8. Always on top of who is hot and who is not! Dora still in, Barney still out.

7. Library tours where children get excited over display cases and really want their own library card.

6. Hokey Pokey in the middle of day with twelve bouncy preschoolers. Need I say more?

5. Never, ever forget a nursery rhyme. However, should this happen, don't panic. A forgiving, encouraging three year old will re-teach it to you.

4. Silly songs to sing. Silly songs to giggle at all day long!

3. Sticky fingers, smiling faces and warm hugs after Story time.

2. A Children Librarian never grows old because interacting with children keeps the mind from thinking like an "old" person.

1. Helping a child find the joy in reading, which hopefully lasts their entire lives. It's actually magical!

Had someone shared this type of list with me back in the day when I deciding where to make my mark in the library world, maybe I would have jumped at the very first opportunity to be a children's librarian. However, I really don't begrudge anyone. Eventually I found my way to the children's room. I intend to stay until I have read every imaginative, adventurous and humorous children's book ever written. Which should take quite a while. Anyone up for Good Night Gorilla?
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