Friday, July 29, 2011

SRP One World Many Stories Christmas In July

To be a children's librarian it does not hurt to be wired a little bit differently then the average person. As a matter of fact, it is an added bonus. With summer reading programs ending, it seemed that there should be a "big" surprise finale. After all, if there are no surprises, or big "Ta Da" a the end, then the program is very boring. Who needs the same old same old when do something a little off beat is always fun to try, at least once. This one may take the cake for being the craziest. However, it works well with children of all ages. Including the adults. Get on a Santa hat, gloves and scarf, we are celebrating Christmas in July!

Young children who participate in this program will either admonish the librarian that it isn't Christmas or will giggle delightfully that there is a nut in the library who thinks it's Christmas. Either way, it's a good thing. Parents will either hate the librarian for the reminder that Christmas is not that far off. (As of today it is only 148 days till Christmas 2011.) On the other hand, parents might be grateful for the reminder and begin their shopping today. This year's theme is a great way to celebrate Christmas in July because of the many different ways the story of Christmas is told and celebrated in various countries and cultures. Along with that are the many different foods and pastries that can be brought out to share.

Let's first look at wonderful tales that can help with setting the tone for the programs For example, dePaola's The Legend of the Poinsettia , Augustin's Antonella and Her Santa Claus,and Robbins' Baboushka and the Three Kings. Of course, any combination of Christmas stories told around the world will do well, and these books are solid brain ticklers to be reminded of favorites, old and new. Once the title have been selected, time to move on to the next step. Which is Christmas games that can involve Christmas greetings in different languages, Christmas stocking hunt, or musical chairs with Christmas songs. Last but not least, add a little bit of Christmas treats, Craft with Santa in a bathing suite and the program is set to go. All that's needed to add are children and laughs.
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