Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inspiration or How Do You Get Your Grove Back?

In any profession, there comes a time when a person wonders if they still have what it takes to be good at their jobs. Countless of times, "Its just not creative and fun anymore" is uttered in classrooms by teachers, in offices by business managers and in libraries by librarians. The proverbial "they" are often to blame for drain on the creative spirit in the organization. Sometimes this criticism is valid but the "blame" sometimes rests with the complainer. It may be true that working under a boss who is behaves like a tyrant, demands too much and is unforgiving of mistakes can make one miserable and even cause health issues to arise. In today's job market, there are not that many options available. The economy is not helping workers feel "secure" in their personal or professional life. Living paycheck to paycheck is If forced to stay in this position either make the best of it by getting your grove back or complain about being miserable in a dead end job. Assuming that making the best of the situation is the option of choice, here is how to become inspired and get into the creative grove of work life!

First step, is easy to say but hard to practice. Stop complaining about the situation. Complaining without taking actions to solve a problem is unproductive and frankly, perpetuating a lazy attitude. According to Psychology Toady (blog, May 18, 2010) Only 46% of workers are satisfied at work. In other words, many workers are in the same boat, they are all miserable. This is a drop in satisfaction is huge from years ago, and today the number may even be lower. This may cause one to wonder what are the other 54% at work doing about their dissatisfaction at work? If even one of the workers of the 54% stopped complaining, it could make a difference in productivity, a better work environment and at least one more person happy at work. That could be a huge plus right there. Why not be the one person who makes the positive change? Stop complaining.

Next, nothing cures boredom and inactivity like reading. Of course, easy for a librarian to suggest this but it works well for all professions. Professional journals, motivational books and the daily newspapers can provide the inspirational jolt needed to get the grove on again. Sounds corny and trite? Maybe, but it is often the case that learning something new gets the brain to look at situations in a whole new light. Of course if those reading materials are not your "genre", a biography of an inspirational figure may be the "muse" to light the way to a better work day.

Do something! Many professionals state that they don't begin a new project for many reasons. They begin the list with, their boss won't let them, followed by they don't have time and ends with who would listen to them anyways. Here is why these reasons are just excuses for going along with the same old, same old. If the boss does not approve of a project, if it is a worthwhile endeavor, do it anyways in your spare time. Invite a friend who shares the same passion and vision to join in the adventure. Make the time, in the end it will be an investment that provides a very healthy return. True having an audience is important and finding one takes time. With that in mind think of Field of Dreams, if you build it they will come. Here's a valuable hint to remember, never assume who the audience is or could be, it's can be surprising to find out whose smiling face is in the audience.

Those who complain that they are not "learning" something new at thier jobs are either not engaged at work or need to recharge their batteries. On any given workday, there is always something new to learn. Maybe it's a feature on a computer system that has not be tried before. It could be something as non-essential as "Eto okno" , which is a phrase in Russian that sounds pretty cool. Hey, you've learned how to say "There's the window" in a different language. The point of this rambling is that there comes a time when taking the initiative to recharge is not only necessary but crucial to getting a career back on life support. Get out there, learn from others and put the new gained knowledge to use in your career or your home life.

If getting started on a new project seems daunting, or the prospect of not complaining anymore is too hard then it's time for a really simple fix. Call an old friend for no reason other than to catch up and reminence. A familiar voice can be the perfect "pick me" that can reinvigerate the soul. Never underestimate the power of shooting the breeze with a pal.

The bottom line is that finding the grove is up to you, not your co-workers and not even your boss. All of the above activities can make work creative and fun again. maybe not. Maybe it just may lead you to a new career that is a better fit at this point in life. Whatever the case may be find that something that "groves" you and put spark back into life. As a wise person once told me, Misery may like company but company sure doesn't like misery! So smile!
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