Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Three Books To Inspire Readers in 2012

The new year is just around the corner. Despite what some may say about 2012, there is a distinct possibility that the world will not end on December 21, 2012. Actually, it seems pretty likely that the last minute gift items that will need to be purchased next Christmas will still be available on December 22, 2012. With that in mind, 2012 can be a historic year for other more plausible reasons. Will we have a new President? Which companies will thrive and which will parrish? Are William and Kate going to produce a new heir to the English Monarchy? A little more closer to home, what changes will the average readers make to improve their life? To be honest, 2011 has been a challenging year, and looking at the projection for the economy in 2012, there are more chanllenges in store for everyone. What is needed just before the ball drops in Times Square, is a little inspiration.

Self-help books have always been a hit in libraries. It's a great way to find answers to everyday problems without paying the high cost of consultants, job coaches or therapists. As a rule, these books are easy to read and for the most part enjoyable. Can these books really solve all the dilemas that the cover claims? No, not by itself. However, if a reader gets at least one good idea from these books and applies it to their life, then the time has not been wasted reading the ink on the pages. (Librarian's Golden rule number one of reading: If a reader has learned one new thing than the book was not a total waste.)

Librarians assisting readers looking for the right combination of inspiration and action to motiviate those around them should consider suggesting Simon Sinek's Start With Why: How Great Leaders Insprie Everyone To Take Action. The book is well written and gives sage advice for leaders who want to make a difference knowing that thinking outside the box is not enough. Answering the simple question "why" gives not only a reason but a focus for what needs to be accomplished.

Miracles are in abundance if we choose to see them according to Regina Brett author of Be the Miracle. Using short essays to illustrate how ordinary people find ways to overcome obstacles proves is not only eye opening, but also touches the heart. The patrons in your library are not inspired or touched by these tales, the community should be listed as needing life support. To put it simply, this book will take away reader's excuse and encourage them to find a way to be a miracle for others.

Barbara Sher explores the seven diffent types of scanners in Refuse to Choose! Use All of Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams . Who or what are scanners? Ms. Sher's definition of people who have many interests but do not know which direction to channel their energy. This book is a must in every library's career/job resources section. Patrons who feel at a lost at what to do with their careers will find practical advice here on how to pool togehter all their interests and reel in a career that fulfills their needs.

This short list should be enough to launch readers into a brighter 2012. Actually, they can inspire the library community to zealously go after their goals. Why wait for January 1? Grab a book and get a head start on the new year. Better yet, start a book discussion group for Job/Career Seekers and suggest one or all of these titles. (Hint: This would be a good time to show the library director that you have interesting ideas for adult programming.) To be sure, there will be other titles to inspire readers in 2012. This is a good start to get the gears moving.
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