Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks for Libraries

This should be a quick but useful entry today. As today is a day of thanks here in the United States, it would seem very un-holiday like to not say anything about libraries and why there is much to give thanks for libraries, small or large. Before heading off to big family dinners or waiting for the clock to strike at midnight for the Black Friday shopping frenzy to begin, here is a the top ten reasons to be thankful for libraries. 10. Libraries offer a wonderful and safe place for children to visit after school, on weekends or on family program nights. Suffice it to say, it's a little bit safer than the mall and it's a little easier on mom and dad's pocket books too! 9. Libraries are places where everyone is welcomed and no one is excluded. Whatever the need, be it for education or entertainment, no one is denied access. 8. Librarians are great resources for helping in finding the exact information that is needed. Not quite sure where to find the famous quote written by Einstein about God and Science? Librarians know where to find it and verify if it's correct. 7. Without libraries, great works of literature might never have been discovered or preserved. Can you imagine a life without the great works of Shakespeare, Austen or Twain? Neither can we! 6. Libraries are the first place where toddlers can dissever the joy of reading together. Storytimes are excellent opportunities to introduce children to soil groups and wells reading. Sharing Stories is always a good thing. 5. Books are the records of civilization. Who better to preserve the stories of who we are and where we've been. Fiction or non-fiction every book holds the key to our past, present and future. Without libraries histories would be lost. 4. Libraries offer the tools and resources needed to rebuild a career or helping someone get back on their feet. In hard economic times libraries offer the "hope" that things can get better. 3. Librareis offer a unique opportunity for anyone to self-educate themselves. It is the first DIY institution. 2. Librarians often find themselves between wanting to give more and not having enough funds to get the job done. Yet, it is amazing that librarians have found ways to do more with less. 1. If it wren't for libraries, there wouldn't be a bright future for children who dare to dream. Every child that walks into the door of a library is one who aspires to do great things. Some wish to be doctors, some firemen and some even think it might be cool to be a librarian. Whatever their dreams, they find the means to make it possible by reading books, finding answers and exploring bookshelves loaded with books waiting to be discovered. If reading this seems a little over the top, we beg to differ. We know it's true at least for one little girl. She became Mrs. Nowc Librarian at large.
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