Friday, July 4, 2014

Red, White & Read! Books for the Fourth

When thinking about the Fourth of July, one normally does not ponder on which books they will want to read to children.  Unless, of course one's profession is librarianship. To be honest,  the thought of which books to read to kids for any occasion often comes to mind.   So to get into the spirit of the holiday, here are three quick books to read to children that are enjoyable for every age.

We the Kids: The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States written and illustrated by David Catrow.  A delightful book that explains the preamble in simple language and whimsical illustrations. It is a very quick read.  Quick enough to read before or during a picnic.  Remember, there's always time to read and learn something.

Those Rebels, John And Tom by Barbara Kerley  Illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham
This book is a little longer but perfect for a read the night before the big holiday or just before bedtime after the excitement of the fireworks show.  Ms. Kerley has written an accurate account of the relationship between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson by contrasting their personalities and what they both contributed to the Declaration of Independence.  This is perfect for teaching history to children without becoming a stuffy or boring.  Storytelling at its best.

America The Beautiful : Together We Stand By Katherine Lee Bates  Another quick book to read that is based on the patriotic song America the Beautiful.  It is a wonderful book for several reasons.  One, each page is illustrated by a different illustrator, making it a unique collection of artwork. Secondly,  each page has one line from the first stanza alongside a quote from one of Presidents of the United States, such as  Abraham Lincoln,  Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.  Thirdly, and not least, at the back of the book there is a two page spread which has the pictures of American symbols and the explanation of their meanings, for example, the Liberty Bell.  It is a treasure and could be used as holiday tradition to read it every year.  It could even inspire an impromptu singing of the song.  Anything can happy when you read.

Happy Fourth of July Reading to one and all.

 A full list of Patriotic Books for Patriotic Families is available for the asking.  Send an email to and in the subject line use Patriotic Books for Patriotic Families.

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