Monday, November 24, 2014

Books That Make A Librarian Thankful

It may be the holiday season that is fast approaching that is making this librarian a bit nostalgic.  After all Thanksgiving is meant for reflections on the blessings and bounty in life.   What could a librarian be thankful for?  Books!  Each and everyone of them. From the wordless books to the books that are over 1,000 pages long.  To the hardcover, paperbacks and  digitize  copies that constantly beckons to be read and sometimes re-read.   Every librarian will have their own particular favorite  titles that have stayed with them thought the years.  So on a personal note this holiday season, the following titles are among the ones that yours truly, Mrs. Nowc Librarian at Large is very thankful for.

First and foremost,  The True Story of the Three Little Pigs is the picture book that started it all in the way of becoming a Childrens' Librarian.  It is clever, funny and demonstrated that Children's book were meant to be shared not once but often.  How many times has this book been read during Mrs. Nowc's  story times over the years?  Too many times to count.  Each time there is the same results: laughter, giggles and demands for encores.   Thank you Mr. Jon Scieszka for this wonderful book and new perspective on an old tale!

At the age of twelve, yes twelve,  Dr. Zhivago was read for the first time. What a wonderful long tale that helped pass the time driving down to Florida.   Granted, Boris Pasternak's work was complex and much of the story's impact was missed the first time reading though it. The book was reread in junior year of high school and again in college.    Pasternak's work made such a  lasting impression  that it inspired the desire to learn more about Russian history, culture and language.  Perhaps it could be  said that  you can never forget your first novel.   As a side note, this book also proved that the movie is never the same as the book.   In most cases, the book is  better.

Finally,  The Alchemist is a book that turned out to be a delightful surprise. Recommended by a friend as a must read title  and became forever enamored with Santiago and his journey.    It reads like a folklore but speaks volumes about the desire to find a treasure that has been within reach the whole time. Ah, the romance of following one's heart never grows old.  Paulo Coelho's style and graceful storytelling lingers long after the last page has been read.  A huge and heartfelt thanks to the author Coelho for creating this masterpiece and the friend kept insisting that the book be read.

There are so many other books that life would have been so dull without them.  The key to discovering each wonderful writers and their stories has always been libraries.   So thankful for libraries.   That's it!  Libraries are what this librarian is very thankful for but then who isn't thankful for libraries?

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