Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year's Resolutions For The Library Geek

First, let's begin the post with the understanding that everyone is a geek about something.  It's not just to describe a passion for  computers, sciences or mathematical numbers. It's about knowing a topic so well that in a Jeopardy category, one would not only know all the questions/answers but would be able to come up with harder questions/answers to stump  highly knowledgeable likeminded geeks  In the case of this blog, well it isn't hard to guess what the "geek" is here.  Libraries. All kinds, shapes or sizes of libraries. It's what can be labeled as an addiction or in some cases abnormal obsession.  Is it wrong to question what is so abnormal about a library obsession?  Nah!  Nothing abnormal about it! Wondering how to spot a library geek?  First, foremost a library card is a MUST for all library geeks. Second,  a visit to a library at least once a week.  Bonus if the visit to the library is while on vacation (triple bonus when on honeymoon) just because it's good to know if the library at home is better (or worse) than the one seen on vacation.  Third,  hearing the mention of "library" on the TV makes the viewer rewind to find out why the library was mentioned.  Four,  library geeks can name every movie that has a library scene in it. Quick: how many times did Indiana Jones movies have a library scene?   Five, conversations with friends and family usually involve one or two mentions about libraries.  Six and yes this is the final test to spotting a library geek,  T-shrits, sweatshirts, or tote bags that have literary quotes or have the word "library" on them is part of the library geek's wardrobe.

Now that the basic understanding about "geek" has been established, it is safe to suggest a  list of New Year's Resolutions for library geeks.

1. Resolve to be more vocal about library advocacy.  Libraries' best weapon to fighting back against legislative budget cuts,  city council demands for more service with less funds and naysayers who claim the Internet has replaced the library is the people who love going to the library.   Legislatures need to know that the library isn't just a building within the community with empty tables and chairs. No!  It's busy with people coming to workshops, leaving with armloads of children books to keep little ones entertained and bustling with librarians who are ready to answer any reference question that patrons' have.

2. Resolve to read at least one book this year that is a "new-to-me" genre or writer.  This gives the opportunity to hear from a fresh perspective and voice.

3. Resolve to read to a child whenever the opportunity is available.  The joys of reading is ten times better when sharing it with a youngster.  It is sure to brighten anyone's day.

4.  Resolve to leave a book for others to pick up.  The Free Little Libraries have inspired many to share the books that they love with with others in the pay it forward ideal.  Why not go with that idea a step further.  Leave books on buses,  at malls, or doctor's offices.  Consider how one simple book could make a difference in a person's day?

Four suggestions for resolutions should be a good start for any library geek.  Then again, library geeks tend to be very creative in finding ways to spread the word about libraries.  I'm sure that these suggestions could very well turn into something unique and interesting as 2015 unfolds.  
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