Wednesday, April 29, 2015

MakerSpace in the Library

In Chicago there is a library that is experimenting with the idea of a "makerspace".  What exactly is this?  It is a space within the library that is specifically for library patrons to come in and "make" or create something.  Now this idea is intriguing because it's almost as if they took  the concept of story time crafts for children  and put it on steroids.   This space is multigenerational and is breaking the rules of what libraries are suppose to do.  Which is exactly what is needed right now.  New ideas that promote libraries in a positive new light.

A library such as the one is Chicago, is just the beginning of what the future can hold for libraries.  For the past decade, librarians have been the leaders in helping their community thrive in the midst of change.   In the days of Andrew Carnegie, the purpose of the public library was to be the center of learning and growth. That ideal has survived the test of time.  This is evident in how the libbers become the place to go to when the world became increasingly digital.   If this decade has taught our society anything it is this:  learning is a life long process of discover and each library user learns in their own unique way.  This creates the need for new, bolder ideas such as the library in Chicago demonstrates.

The possibilities are endless to what libraries and their communities can do together.  At the risk of being accused of hanging on to the good "vibes" of National Library Week,  it can not be denied that communities are starting to rediscover their libraries.  The digital age may have changed the landscape of the library but it has not changed the heart.   Libraries can serve their communities in traditional or unique ways.   It's all possible when libraries and their communities work together.   It is truly another reason to love your library.

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