Monday, February 16, 2009

Books on Honest Abe

Just wanted to let everyone know about two books about our Sixteenth president that caught my eye.   

Lincoln and His Boys by Rosemary Wells and My Brother Abe by Harry Mazer.  Both books are for children age 9-12.  What was particularly interesting about these two titles is that both authors decided to give the point of view to Abraham Lincoln's relatives.  In the Ms. Wells' book, the reader gets a glimpse at how Abe's children looked up to their famous father.  It is a touching tale that includes wonderful colored illustrations which bring out the warmth of the bond between father and sons.    

Mr. Mazer book is told for the viewpoint of  Sally Lincoln,  Abe's older sister.  Here we see Abe as a youngster who was bright,  athletic, humorous and wanted the approval of  his father.  The bond between Abraham Lincoln and  his sister is typical of  siblings in any family.  They fight, they joke and in the end will always stick up for one another.  Mr. Mazer touches upon the strained relationship between Abe and his father.  In the author's end notes, he states that Abraham Lincoln had a better relationship with his stepmother than he did with his own father.  As a matter of record,  Abe never returned to his father's farm, not even for his funeral. 

Both books were a delight to read.  They both give rare insights to the personality of one of  the most interesting Presidents in American history.  Use thee books as a supplement to lessons on Abraham Lincoln and President's day.  If  you know of a reader who is fascinated with Abe Lincoln,  you can't go wrong with either one of these books. 

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