Friday, April 8, 2011

Celebrating National Library Week 2011: Making Everyday Count!

April is the month of spring, silliness, and showers. Mixed in with the warmer weather, jokes and puddles is tax season, baseball begins and National Library Week. It's a nice mixture because libraries blends in well with every spring activity or holiday. Literally, there is a book, film, dvd, database and the list goes on just about every topic. The library is the best place to find the answer to any question on any topic. Which is precisely the reason why there is a week in April devoted to celebrating libraries and all they do for a community. National Library Week begins on April 10 and libraries across the country will be recognizing this week with special events. However, this should not stop a library enthusiast from finding their own creative ways to celebrate libraries this week. Here are some simple ways to celebrate for each day of the week.

April 10: Sundays are perfect for going to the library to find a book to read for pure enjoyment. Your local library is closed on Sunday? Contrary to popular belief that libraries are old and out of date, anyone with a library card can visit the library 24/7. To find that perfect book to read go to your library's website to download an ebook edition.

April 11: Monday is the day when everyone is back to business as usual. It is the perfect day to write to your local, state and federal representative informing them of your support and need for your local library. Don't know where to send your email or letter to? Call the library and ask the librarian for the information.

April 12: Tuesdays are typically the day where everyone eases into the tasks that need to be done for the rest of the week. The American Library Association dedicates this day to library workers. Most people assume that if a person works in a library that automatically suggests that the job title is "librarian". That is not the case. There are many people behind the scenes and at the front desk that help the library run smoothly on a day to day basis. They are the clerks, book shelvers and administrative assistants. Give a shout out of "thanks" on the library's Facebook page or their website's comment page to let them know you appreciate everything they do on a daily basis.

April 13: Wednesday is hump day and the weekend is just around the corner again. It is also National Bookmobile Day. Not every library is fortunate enough to provide this outreach service to their community. A bookmobile basically goes out into the community and brings the library to those who otherwise do not have the opportunity to visit the library. in the spirt of reaching out, spread the word about your favorite library service or programs to your family, neighbors, and coworkers. You could even suggest a "road' trip to the library to attend or use the wonderful services.

April 14: Thursday is one day closer to Saturday. The excitement of what the weekend has to offer is starting to affect everyone at home and work. Libraries are traditionally busy on Saturdays with programs for the entire family. Check out the library's calendar to see what programs the library has to offer. Today is also the day to Support Teen literature. Check out the latest Young Adult best sellers. It just may surprise you to see who is writing for Young Adults these days. (Would you have guessed James Patterson?)

April 15: Yeah it's Friday! However, it is also Tax Day. This year's taxes should be done, but if you need an extension form, they are available at the library, along with all the other forms for city, state and local taxes. Hopefully you were able to claim a deduction for a donation to the library. No? There's no time like the present to do something positive for next year's filing. Make a donation to the library, either in materials or monetary. It will make you feel good and the library would appreciate the gift.

April 16: Saturday is finally here and so is the end of a week long celebration in honor of libraries. what better way to cap off the week than by thanking the librarians for finding the answers, reading the stories, and encouraging life-long learning. (Yes, shameless plug for my profession. Can you blame me?) The best way to show your gratitude for librarians is to visit the library and visit it often. Cards are nice too, but it is much more rewarding when librarians' hear patrons, young or old, say, "I LOVE MY LIBRARY".

There are so many ways to support libraries. Hopefully, some of the suggestions will motivate you to visit the library. For me, I'll be celebrating in my unique way. I will need to find my "I Love My Library" and "Hug A Librarian" pins. They will be the wardrobe accessories of the week. It goes without saying that my Nancy Pearl Action Figure will be on display at my desk. To all my peers in libraries, have a wonderful week. To my favorite patrons, thank you for supporting the library which allows me to have the best job on earth.
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