Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gimmicks, Tricks and Nonsense Whatever!

What makes anything "sexy" or "desirable"?   It's all in the eyes of the beholder, or so society says.  However, not for a group in New York City that has decided that they need to make a statement on about reading and making it sexy.  According to the Huffington Post, a co-ed group  book club hs marked the spring season with reading in the parks topless.  Sorry, ladies (and from the photos that posted, they were all ladies)  that's not what makes reading sexy.   There's a lot more to "sexy" then the human body.  Here's a reading lesson in "sexy" for the book club members  who may want to discover the true meaning of sexy.

Jane Austen is one of the most brilliant writers of our times.  Witty, smart and inquisitive.  In all her novels she poked at middle class sensibilities and questioned them without losing her feminine flare.  In a time when women were not deemed to have any ideas worth reading about she proved that not only were there ideas to be heard but add a sprinkle of humor to it as well.  it made her novels are the more endearing and given a human touch.  Mr. Darcy fell in love not just because of beauty because of Elizabeth's intellect as well.  Now that's sexy.

Wait there's more examples of sexy without bearing it all.  For the younger reader (and the older ones too.  It never hurts to go back to pick up a classic tale or two) Pippi Longstonking is a wonderful example of a girl who lives by her own set of rules.  Very independent and strong.  What could be more desirable and beautiful.

One has to ask the question to those who began the book club,  Is it necessary to dumb down everything to sex?  

It can be debated all day long about what is sexy and what is not. Whether this is a clever lure to get people to read or not. In the activity of reading, a person is willing to be open to what someone has to say or hear their story.   It's a connection to humanity that asks for understanding and acceptance.  If someone is not a reader or does not find reading "sexy", will they instantly want to be a reader because they can converse with others while topless?  No there's a chance that this is all superficial and frankly, fake.     In the end, this "book club" aims only to  get public attention.  The members may protest at this remark and insist they are to be taken seriously.  Whatever.   Reading is good for everyone, including nudists.  However it doesn't make it sexy or beautiful.  It doesn't make reading anymore rewarding either.  What makes reading enjoyable and worthwhile is what the reader gets out of the book.

Really innovative book clubs can come create other ways of encouraging reading for all ages without using cheap ploys.   Remember, never  judge a book by the cover,  in the same manner never   judge the reader by their appearance.  The nerdy looking one with glasses, turtleneck sweaters and ankle length skirts are looking for attention too.  All readers are beautiful,  don't need to go topless to prove that.

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