Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Baker's Dozen of the Best Children's Books

In honor of Children's book week, it seems only  appropriate to call attention to the best children's books from the past forty years.  Children literature is amazingly ripe with wonderful story and artwork.  It's not easy to write a children's book. It takes imagination,  wonderment and talent to make the book flow with ease. It's also important to remember that children's authors have learned over time that talking down to their audience is a big no-no.  Children intuitively know when they are bing treated like mindless beings.  Remember a book can stay in a heart for a lifetime or ti can be fleeting like yesterday's news.  Below are the baker's dozen of  books that have touched and stayed ion children's book shelves for what seems like eternity.  Quite frankly, that is as it should be.

13.  Giraffe Can't Dance Giles Andreae  Not quite the book of all times yet.  Since it was just published a few years ago.  However,  it will stand the test of time because of it's timeless message of perseverance and success.

12. Jumanji Chris Van Allsburg   Wonderful pictures that come alive and make the story so memorable.  If readers like Polar Express, they will love Jumanji.

11.  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom   Bill Martin Jr. The classic ABC tale will have toddlers learning their alphabet with rhythmic ease.  Not only that, they want to hear it over and over land over again.  A true sign that it's a classic.

10.  I'll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch  Sweetest story of a mother and son 's bond that has ever been written.   Children will love this tale more as they grow older.  Which is why it's has lasting value.  As adults, this story still resinates.

9. Where The Wild things Are?  Maurice Sendak  Children love this story because as everyone knows, monsters are just wild things who love to follow a king.  When one is king, there is nothing to to fear ... not even monsters.

8. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs Jon Scieszka  The classic tale of the Big Bad World an dthe Three little pigs is wonderfully comical.   Scieszka teaches children that there is always another side of the story.  Who could ever believe that the Big Bad Wolf really had innocent intentions when visiting the three pigs?  Well, read the book once and it will soon become a classic standby or bedtime.

7. Ain't Gonna Paint No More! Karen Beaumont  This little mischief maker with lots of time and paint on her hands. It's a delightful book with sing song rhythm that is fun.  Make it more interesting by with imaginary paint brushes.  Children will paint along with  the charming heroine, which makes them giggle every single time.  Great Book!

6. Good Night Moon! Margaret Wise Brown  This book is still a wonderful way to end the day.  Children all snuggled in their beds and reading along with mom or dad quietly saying goodnight to everything and everyone in their room.  It doesn't get old or any better than this.  Ms. Brown will always be the "queen" of children literature.

5.Clown of God  Tomie dePaola   This is a Christmas tale but for some stubborn librarians, they will read it all year round.  Why?  The message is simple and powerful.  Both children and reminder benefit from hearing the message anytime during the year.

4. Snowy Day Ezra Keats  This book is celebrated as one of the first books to feature an African American boy as the main character.  What it really should be celebrated is that it crossed the boundaries of understanding for everyone.  The story is about the simple joy of a snowy day with so much possibilities at hand.  Everyone has experienced that joy at least once in their childhood.

3. Cat in the Hat  Dr. Suess  The book that started it all for Dr. Suess and it still is a favorite.  The Cat in the Hat can make a rainy day exciting for two homebound kids.   Is there any better story to read on a rainy day?

2. Knuffle Bunny  Mo Willhems  Another book that is rather new but will be a classic.  Especially since it is a "trilogy".    The art work with cartoon characters with New York City photos as backdrop is brilliant and fun!  Get ready for a chase through the New York neighborhood to find Knuffle Bunny.

1. Very Hungry Caterpillar  Eric Carle  One of the best children book that incorporates learning, art and fun.  It blends it all so beautifully that it's no wonder that children go back to it year after year after year.  Simply the best.

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