Monday, August 25, 2014

The Complete List ot Why, When, Where, Who and How to READ. From A To Z

It's time to get back to basics.  Maybe this feeling comes on stronger now because school is starting soon.  It's that time when the mind goes back to the days of reading, writing and arithmetic. It is this time of year that libraries will be filled with students and backpacks clamoring for the books on the reading lists assigned to them.  It is also the time when reading skills are tested.  It has been suggested  that due to the digital age reading is becoming a lost art and form of entertainment.  Perhaps it is for some but not for all.  This list is for those who have forgotten why  reading is so important.  It is also for those who love to read and need help in defending their addicting habit.  Even perhaps get their families hooked on reading.  The challenge is always to come up with ten ways that an certain activity will improve life.  Well, overachievement is never an understatement here.   Getting carried away with the alphabet to list when, why where , how and who should be reading from A to Z was far to easy and fun.  It is hoped that it is inspiring as well.

Anytime is a good time to read.  Anywhere is a good place to read.  It's really quite simple, reading is an activity that can be done virtually anywhere.  Well, not in a dark cave unless you have a flashlight handy. 

B Babies and books naturally go together.  Reading to babies stimulates vocabulary, imagination and love of books.

C Classic Literature is always in style.  Whether it's a classic children's book that has stood the test of time or classic literary novel that was read in high school.  Classic literature bridges the gap between generations of readers. 

D Donating books to the library or school is an act of paying it forward.  Clear out the bookshelves and spread the joy of reading to others.

E  Everybody in the family should read.  Even if it's only fifteen minutes a day, the routine of reading everyday is a tremendous investment that results in value.

F Fictional characters become life long friends.   Don't misunderstand, reading will not have you walking around speaking to imaginary friends.  However, some fictional characters have a way of staying with readers long after the last page has been read. 

G Goodreads is the  Facebook for bookworms.  It is one of the best sources to get honest reviews of books from friends, which helps in picking out he next must read book.  Sign up with a Facebook account or at

H Holiday are always better with a story that brings out the best of the season.  Ever tried reading a Christmas book in July?  It's a real treat when someone asks "What book are you reading?"  The look on their face is hilarious.  What ?  Why read that now?  Because I can!

I  Independence is the goal for all readers.  It has been clearly demonstrated that once a person learns to read their confidence is increased.  This naturally leads to a reader becoming independent thinks.

J Join a book discussion. Local public libraries have wonderful programs for i for readers who just can't get enough of the book they are reading.   Sharing with peers views about the author's style, characters and plot makes for interesting conversation.  Not only that, it encourages the reader to find more books to read and discuss.  It's a wonderful never ending cycle.  By the way, if your library does not have a program be daring, start one of your own.

K Kindle may have changed the way readers pick up a book but it hasn't transformed readers into non readers.  (Thank goodness)  In some cases, Kindle may have converted a few non readers to lifelong readers due to mobility of the gadget.  Will Kindles ever replace hardcopies of books?  The verdict is still out on that idea.  There are futurist who predict electronic versions of books will completely replace hard copies in five years.  While others say there is a growing consensus that there is a place for both digital and paper copies.

L Libraries are here to stay. As long as there are readers in the world who demand to be nourished by the written word (and yes, admittedly this is a bit dramatic) there will be a need for libraries.  The statistics have proven that in a rapidly changing technological era, libraries still remain relevant in our society.

M Movies need books, writers and readers. Since movies began taking the books to the silver screens, readers have faced the age old questions.  Should the book be read first?  Yes.  Always yes at least from  the avid reader's view.  Will the movie ruin the book's plot and intent?   Sometimes and when it does, have pity on the director for he (or she) will have to face the wrath of many angry readers and fans.

N Night time reading is always the best time to get ready for sleep. It works wonders with children and for adults as well.  Turn off the tube and pick up a good book.

O Once upon a time never gets boring.  There will always be that special place that every reader wants to revisit as a child, as an adult or as someone looking for a place to escape.  How many times can Camelot be visited?  Many, many times over.

P Picture books are the perfect entry into the world of reading.  Why?  The illustrations do so much more than just help tell the story.  Some are just wonderful works of art that engage and engulf the readers into the story.  To see a child get lost in the words and pictures of a book is nothing short of magical.

Q Questions arise and curiosities are stirred when reading becomes a habit.  The quest to know, read and learn more becomes part of the readers life.  It is an addicting habit but what better addiction could one have?

R Rebel against authority. Read a banned book.  September marks the celebration of Banned Book Week when the American Library Association puts out the list of books that have over the years been banned from schools and libraries.  If ever there is a time to get a teens attention, this would be it.  Tell them the adults don't want them to read book X.  That book will fly off the shelf faster than any magician can make his rabbit disappear from a hat.

S Silence is something that children today need to be taught.  In a world that is filled with noises, gadgets and screens, children need to be taught to have moments of silence and appreciate them.

T Thinkers are not born, they are made. Abraham Lincoln did not become one of the greatest Presidents by being elected president.  He read continuously which helped him become one of the greatest political minds in history.

U Universally in every school, every country, and every city it is accepted that one of the surest way to success is to read. It may sound corny to say but it still is true that reading is fundamental.

V Vocabulary improves with daily reading.  It's easy to spot the child or adult who is an avid reader and one who does not.  Oral and writing skills for readers are superior than those who don't.

W Weapons against poverty?  Books, reading and libraries.  Once a child or adult learns to read, the opportunities are endless. 

X Xenophobes is an ugly word.  It denotes that someone can not accept another person because of their ethnic or religious background.  In other words they can not accept anyone who is different.  Books open a path to the world for readers of all ages.  It is the best way to communicate what everyone has in common and what makes cultures unique.  Quite frankly, it what makes this world wonderful.

Y Yet another reason to read because a person can.  No one should ever take that pleasure away from another.

Last but not least...

Z Zero excuse not to read a book a month or every other month.  Yes, we are a busy society.  However, as stated previously just as a child needs to learn the value of silence,  adults need to relearn that as well.  There should never be a moment when one says no to reading.

There it is, from A to Z, why reading is an activity for all ages.  Maybe this may turn some heads.  Better yet, maybe it may cause more people to turn pages.  Lots of pages in the quest to read, learn and grow.  Happy reading!

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