Monday, September 1, 2014

What is The Best Job In the World?

A little fun on the blog today due to the holiday.  A brief examination of literary characters and their professions.  Mrs. Nowc hope this is as fun for readers to read as it was to post it. 

It's Labor Day in the United States.  A time to honor the workforce which makes this country what it is today.  Everything shuts down for the day, except for a few stores who feel the need to have sales but Government offices are shut down as well as the banks.  For those who don't shop, well there are parades galore in every city.  It's a nice holiday to end the summer.  After the last parade has passed by, the BBQ has been shut off,  last minute school clothes has been bought and the family has been tucked in for the night, one begins to ponder what would be the best job to hold.  

At first one would think a doctor would be cool.  Unless you are a doctor during the Russian Revolution, like Doctor Zhivago.  Then it's not as glamorous because a wartime doctor does not get to practice the medicine he would like.  Let's face it a family practice would be much better than treating men who have lost a limb or mortally wounded.  Then again, he found another  profession as a poet.  All be it, not very lucrative but he had love.  So it's all works out in the end.

Being a doctor could be good or bad depending on the era but lawyers always seem to be at the right place at the right time.  For example.  Atticus Finch, the lawyer of To Kill A Mockingbird.  Who wouldn't want to be the type of lawyer who could prove his client is innocent in a racial charged case?  Then again,  Ms. Harper Lee never gave a full account of how the brave Mr. Finch fared under the stress.   It's the deep south, it's a white women's word against a black man's, and the whole town is against you.  That would be enough to drive some to drink. At the very least, move.  No lawyer might not be a great job either.

Businessman is always a good profession. It's generic, one can work just about anywhere and the money is always good.  Unless, you're Ebenezer Scrooge of the Christmas Carol.   Money got to him in a big way.  No one liked him.  He didn't like anyone either.  Holidays were lonesome until one Christmas when he gets three ghostly visitors.  Nope.  Business is not good either.  

Private detective would be a wonderful job too.  Always searching for clues.  Always have a sidekick, like  Dr. Watson.  Sherlock never misses a clue, always thinking and quite frankly is probably a bore to be around twenty four hours a day,  seven days a week. Which might be the reason why the reader never hears of a Mrs. Holmes.  No, that can't be a good job either.  Who wants to be right all the time?  Too demanding.

So what is the best job?  It has to be a profession that allows for learning something new everyday.   A place where one never knows who might walk through the door.  A place where it is quiet yet not as quiet as a church or spooky as a graveyard.  Actually books would have to be present, along with computers, oak tables with matching chairs.  Yes,  a librarian is the perfect job.  Well, at least from this viewpoint.  Where did this idea come from?   Not sure, but maybe the title of this blog might give a clue.

Happy Labor Day to one and All!

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