Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Big Lesssons From a Samll Town Is Pure Michigan

There are a ton of self-help/how to be successful books published yearly.  In the United States the self-help industry rakes in about $10 billion per year.  That's a lot of folks looking for advice on how to live a successful life.   One would think that adding another title to the bookshelf would make for a very crowded shelf.  Michigan  State Attorney General  Bill Schuette's book Big Lessons From A Small Town is worthy making room for on the bookshelf. 

In a down-to-earth style,  that can be compared to sitting down with a friend over a cup of coffee,  Mr. Schuette shares with his readers his views on life, success and family.  Don't be fooled into believing that this book is all about politics and campaigns due to the author's current position in the State of Michigan.   Schuette effectively weaves in anecdotes from sports, his hometown of Midland, and family. It is a quick read with just enough of  a"jolt of encouragement" that readers of all walks of life can relate to and learn from. There is no doubt about the author's pride in his home state,  Michigan and his hometown.  Michigan may not be in the title of the book, but it is front and center in each chapter.   The readers, whether native Michiganders or not, are introduced to the warmth of the Midland community and the uniqueness of this beautiful state. 

Normally speaking about the price of a book is not a consideration on whether to read or not read a book.  Checking out books for a library will definitely save a few dollars rather then purchasing.  However, in this case,  the cover price is $ 17.95, and is well worth the individual investment to own a personal copy.  This book is not a "one-time" read.  Schuette's lessons are timeless and will offer a jolt of encouragement anytime it is read or re-read.  At the very least, it is definitely a book to share with friends over a cup of coffee.

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