Monday, October 26, 2015

When Horror and Humor Collide

One of perks of working in a library,  is exploring genres that otherwise would never make it on a personal reading list.  What would a genre be called if horror and humor collided?   Harmedy?  Hormor?  Definition:  When a book that is gross yet tickles the funny bone at the same time.    Well, maybe the name isn't so great but here are three suggestions for readers who are in the mood for something frightfully funny.

John Dies At the End is a twisted tale by David Wong aka Jason Pargin.  A reader might think, why read this book when the title gives away the ending?  Or does it?   The novel's origin began as a web series and eventually came to be published into one book.  Readers into alternate realities mixed in with drug hallucinations, strange adventures and murders, this book is definitely needs to be on the reading lists.

Zombies can be a comedic relief in an otherwise boring horror story.  Here is a suggestion for those who love really bad B-movies from the 70's and 80's.  Gil’s All Fright Diner, by A. Lee Martinez, is one of the grossest but funny books to ever get check-out of  a library.  More details, you say?    Think of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure caught in a zombie attack while looking for a place to grab a bite on their way to an alternate universe.  Yes, it is totally unbelievable. Yes it's a guilty pleasure but it's okay.  Everyone needs one or two guilty pleasures in their lives.

If Twilight was not your idea of vampires and Dracula seems a bit outdated, Andrew Fox has got the perfect character for readers wanting a vampire they can relate to and quite possibly befriend    Fat White Vampire Blues,  introduces readers to an anti-Edward.  This 400-pound vampire lives in New Orleans and became obese feeding off of his victims who had one too many meals lathered in butter.   With good feasts like this to chew on day in and day out, who can blame him wanting to protect his turf from a younger and healthier vampire.   From the first page Fox's charm and wit will entertain and delight readers.

This genre is so often overlooked because it can not be taken seriously.  But then again, are B-Movies  ever taken seriously?   No.  It is meant to entertain with the outlandish plots and background allows the readers to say" Yeah, this will never happen but who cares!"    Laugh! Enjoy! Above all, share with other readers who take life and perhaps death a little too seriously.  Life is too short not to laugh.  So read often.  Laugh often.  Above all,  scare yourself silly once awhile.  It's good for the reader's soul.  Not to mention it can break up the "same old thing" routine in reading.

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