Tuesday, April 15, 2014

National Library Week 2014: Top Ten Reasons to Read to A Child

The first questions that parents ask a librarian when they are expecting a baby is when is the best time to begin reading to them? Easy question: When they are born. It's never too early or too late to read to a child. Children love to be read to, and it doesn't necessarily have to be at bedtime. To celebrate National Library Week here is a top ten list of reasons to read to your child (oh what the heck, you can read to the neighbor's child too)

10. Adults get to reconnect with their favorite childhood book. What's better than picking up Where the Wild Things Are after twenty years. The memories will come flooding back and will bring a smile to your face. As a an added bonus, you share a book and smile with a child.

9. Picture books have great artwork. This is a wonderful opportunity to share an appreciation of art with youngsters.

8. Children books are quick to read. However, they can be addicting if they are wonderful stories, a child will want to have it read to them over and over again. Which does wonder to stretching memory skills ability.

7. Children's author's have a knack of putting things in a their "right" light. After all perception is everything. Sometimes after a good children's book like Snowy Day, it gives the reader a new view on how a snowy day can be wonderful.

6. Audience participation is sometimes required and makes reading all the more fun. Try reading Don't Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus and keep children from responding with glee, "No don't let the Pigeon ride the bus!" It can't be done.

5. Dr. Seuss was the master of rhyme. Silly ones to boot at times. Children authors reminds readers to be silly sometimes. After all, we all should have a little Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast. At least once a month.

4. Children's Books answer the all important questions of the day: How Do Dinosaurs say Good Night? Obviously inquiring minds need to know. Which gives adults the perfect resource to answer the questions for the little ones in their lives.

3. Even the worse children's books have something special to offer. Children are very open about how they feel about books, art and even toys. If a book doesn't hold their fascination they will show and they will let you know it.

2. Special characters like Curious George or Madeline are the best "pretend" friends any child can have. They can be invited to come into the child's life at anytime or in any place.

And the number one reason to read to children:

1. It is a wonderful way to develop that special bond with a child that make for wonderful memories and lead to a lifetime of sharing books together.
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