Friday, April 18, 2014

National Library Week 2014: Why You Should Go To the Library

"Why should I pay for a library when I don't even us it?" Unfortunately librarians hear this or something close to it, more often than they care to admit. It's usually is heard at stores, parties or other public venues. When the conversation leads to what one does for a living. "I'm a librarian" The response is "That's nice but I don't go to libraries or need one." It's a bit frustrating, to say the least. It's time to play offense and give reasons to go to the library. Begin with a statement like, "Well that's silly. You're supporting the library with tax dollars you should be using it." That's just the warm up.

You should go to the library because it offers more than just books, internet, music, and movies. You should go to the library because it's a perfect place to find quiet and leisure time to explore what interest you most. Get lost in the library, it's a lot more entertaining then getting lost in the web!

You should go to the library because if you want to know what books everyone is reading, including children and teens, this is the place to be. Just find out how long the hold list is for a particular book. Wouldn't it make you wonder why is everyone reading this book?

You should go to the library because you can get reacquainted with an authors work that you once loved. It sparks the memories and it may lead to finding more works to love from that author. Perhaps even get a suggestion or two from the librarian who can suggest authors whose works are similar.

You should go to the library because it is a great place to people watch. People of all cultural, social and economic backgrounds come to libraries. It's a true blending of society in one place. Everyone has the same access to the materials and everyone is welcomed. An extra special tip: The children's area is a great place to people watch. Watching chidden get excited over books and hanging out with older folks is just a joy to see.

Last but not least, you should go to the library because you're still alive. Libraries remind us that learning is a life long activity. It doesn't and shouldn't stop after you leave school. If you are not reading, not exploring new ideas or subjects you might as well be considered close to dying. Get some life back into you and start learning again. It's invigorating!

It's a common belief among librarians that every community should have access to a library. Most recent polls prove that this is a truthful statement. While there is nothing concrete as to why this is true, anecdotal stories tell us that libraries are the backbone to a community's growth. It brings nothing but draw positive attributes to the area. For those who don't take advantage of all the library has to offer, they are missing out on a goldmine. As librarians and library advocates that should be repeated often. Libraries are goldmines to be discovered.

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