Saturday, April 26, 2014

What Wine Would Go With That Book?

For a little adult fun with books and beverages, here's an idea that picks at the brain for a little creativity with entertaining and reading.   Kick back on a  weekend and consider the following topic:  Women, books and wine.  Three ingredients that if mixed to the right proportions it makes for a pleasurable evening.  If not mixed well, let's just say be prepared for  a little wine on the carpet. In order to help with keeping the carpet clean,  wine flowing and  book discussions lively provided below are wines that would go well with these tales.   Of course it is advocated to drink responsibility but for goodness sake feel free to go overboard with the books.

Where Angels Fear to Tread E.M. Foster
   A classic novel set in Tuscany about love, family ties and keeping up with appearances. The author of this book also wrote a Room With A View.  Both works are wonderful but this particular novel is bittersweet because it deals with love lost, lost found and love denied.  It is truly a classic.  What wine would be suggested for this book?  Well, a Chianti of course.  Bold, dry and very Italian.

A Rage in Harlem, Chester Himes

An American tale of murder, mystery and mayhem.  It's very gritty but the characters are appealing.  Chester Himes does a wonderful job luring the readers into a his classic noir novel. It is complete with unpredictable twists here and there to keep readers on the edge of their seats.  The first wine to come to mind here:  Pinot Noir.  Could there be anything better?

Count of Monte Cristo   Alexander Dumas
How could someone not love this novel about betrayal, revenge and forgiveness?   Dumas is the classic French novelist who forces his readers to do look beyond the surface of the human condition in order to see the soul.   Seeing the world through the Count's eyes is a lesson in how the human heart chooses life over death. Choosing victory over defeat.  The wine for this book: Chardonay.  A classic French wine for an equally classic  French story.  

Flowers from the Storm   
Laura Kinsale
If readers are looking for the romance stories that ware not very sugary and sappy.  Kinsale is the author to discover.  This story of how love can transform two people who need each other gives the heart a gentle tug.  Even the most arrogant, womanizing man can be brought back down to Earth to realize that he may not be God's gift to all women.  However, for the one women who he falls far, she is hone destined to see his faults and love him all the more.  Please pass the White Zinfadel.  It goes perfect with this book, for love is sweet and so is this wine!

American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Gaiman is one of those rare writers that gets non-Fantasy readers to read his books.  He is wonderful at storytelling, and to be quite honest, he's good for readers of all ages.  This particular work is a blend hair splitting action and mind teasing.  Gaiman goes beyond the call of duty and lays out a world that is unforgettable and  will want to revisit again and again.  If this book does not grab  the readers attention,  perhaps The Graeyard Book is more to their liking.  Although it is a children's book, adults will find this story a little on the unbeaten path but well worth taking the journey that Gaiman wants you to take with him.  His imagination is quite unique.  Without a doubt the best wine for either of these Gaiman books wold  be; Cabernet Sauvignon.  Not only is it bold with taste but it is also known to be the best wine to drink for the heart.  After reading Gaimna's works,  your heart is going to need a little something extra to keep it ticking.

Enjoy the books and the wines, Ladies.  Of douse men can participate too.  Perhaps this short list can be revisited and additions can be made.   

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